Mission-Oriented Research

What is mission-oriented research?

A mission-oriented approach starts with what we want to accomplish, and builds a research agenda and coalition of partners to help achieve these goals. Mission-oriented research considers ways to address big, complex challenges through coordination and creativity. As a province, we face many grand challenges; equally, we are rich in resources, assets and expertise that can grab hold of opportunities. There are many different organizations, institutions and sectors that have a role to play in creating a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Nova Scotia: for Research Nova Scotia, that role is supporting research that benefits the province.

A mission-oriented approach uses a portfolio of actions across disciplines to achieve a bold, inspirational, and measurable goal within a set time frame, with impact for society and policymaking as well as relevance for a significant part of Nova Scotia. This approach aims to:

  • Convene the different parts of the ecosystem around shared goals
  • Focus efforts to achieve results in priority areas
  • Complement the work already taking place in universities, hospitals, not-for-profits and government
  • Enable each component to play a role using natural strengths and capacity

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