Funded Projects

congratulations to our funding recipients.

funded research

intentional research

Research Nova Scotia convenes project teams to address gaps in current research, take advantage of fast-moving opportunities, or commission research in important areas that are excluded from, not suitable for, or are too small for existing funding opportunities.

Intentional Initiative Awards
Ukrainian Emergency Research Support Program



Research Nova Scotia is proud to provide financial support to research trainees with exceptional potential who are engaged in research at participating Nova Scotia institutions through its Scotia Scholars Award and Student Challenges. 



Research Nova Scotia continues to explore opportunities with its partners to address the COVID-19 outbreak. Partnerships with Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research CoalitionGenome Atlantic, and others, have enabled our researchers to conduct ground-breaking research in the areas of vaccines and therapeutics, diagnostics, epidemiology, fundamental science, social and behavioural sciences, public health, and more.

health research grants


Health Research Grants contribute to healthy people and health care systems for Nova Scotians by generating evidence, outcomes and/or knowledge in support of one of our four missions. Grants include opportunities identified by the researchers and their post-secondary institutions, as well as capacity-building initiatives such as early-career research grants or partnership funding.



Research Nova Scotia accepts applications for match funding for projects selected by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Genome Canada (GC). If you are considering developing a proposal or requesting funds outside of these two streams, we invite you to learn more about our mission-oriented approach to research.


“Together we are working to develop a wastewater surveillance program on a provincial scale that will provide early and accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2, which could ultimately enable proactive and preventative COVID-19 health and economic response measures.”

Dr. Graham Gagnon, Dalhousie University

“My goal is to improve sustainable production. What that breaks down to meaning is that we can continually produce seafood, a great nutritional source for us, without taking advantage of or depleting resources.”

Dr. Stefanie Columbo, Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus