Funding Opportunities

The Undergraduate Scotia ScholarsOM Awards competition opens November 29, 2019.

The awards provide financial support to high caliber research trainees engaged in health research at select Nova Scotian universities and supports the development of the next generation of researchers and leaders in the Nova Scotia health research enterprise.

Grant Holders

Congratulations on your successful grant/award application. In the Grant Holder’s Guide document found below you’ll find information to help you understand the conditions and requirements of your grant/award.
Grant & Awards Holder’s Guide

Progress Reporting
All funding recipients are required to submit final reports within one month of the completion of the funding period. To submit yours, click the button below.

People We’ve Funded

Research Nova Scotia began operations on April 1, 2019. During the 2019/2020 year, RNS offered the funding programs of the former Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation while working to develop a strategic plan. These legacy awards were designed to support the health research community; they include the Establishment Grant, the Development Innovative Grant and the Scotia ScholarsOM Awards.


Please direct questions or inquires to the 
Manager, Research Programs.