Other Match Funding

Research Nova Scotia accepts applications for match funding for projects selected by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Genome Canada (GC). From time to time there are other projects that receive match funding, listed below. If you are considering developing a proposal or requesting funds outside of the CFI and Genome streams, we invite you to learn more about our mission-oriented approach to research as it related to match funding requests.


Jennifer Bain
Associate VP Research, Dalhousie University
Project: ACENET Funding 2022 – 2023
RNS Contribution: $400,000

Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Janice Keefe
Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging
Project: Seniors- Adding Life to Years (SALTY)
RNS Contribution: $200,000

Nova Scotia Health

Dr. Robin Urquhart
Affiliate scientist, QEII Health Sciences Centre
Project: Atlantic Cancer Consortium: Development of an integrated foundation for precision medicine for the Atlantic Region with a focus on colorectal cancer and lung cancer
Partner Organization: Terry Fox Research Institute
RNS Contribution: $250,000

Dr. Robin Urquhart
Associate Professor, Canadian Cancer Society (Nova Scotia Division) Endowed Chair in Population Cancer Research
Atlantic Cancer Consortium (2023 – 2025)
Partner Organization: Terry Fox Research Institute
RNS Contribution: $600,000

Nova Scotia Community College

Dr. Etienne Mfoumou
Research Scientist
Project: Pilot scale study of potable water using ultrafiltration technology in the Shelburne African Nova Scotian community
Partner Organization: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
RNS Contribution: $42,000

Université Ste-Anne

Dr. Karine Pedneault, Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Gustavo Leite, Assistant Professor, Biology
Project: Research Winery at Université Ste-Anne
Partner Organization: Agriculture & Agri- Food Canada
RNS Contribution: $256,700