Match Funding

Research Nova Scotia (RNS) frequently receives inquiries from researchers and research offices regarding the match funding process. The most commonly requested information has been assembled below for sharing purposes.

RNS accepts applications for match funding for projects selected by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Genome Canada (GC). If you are considering developing a proposal or requesting funds outside of these two streams, we invite you to learn more about our mission-oriented approach to research.

CFI applications are made by the institution (university, NSCC, IWK or NSHA), not an individual researcher, and so RNS match requests are also made by the institutional applicant. GC applicants are researchers affiliated with eligible organizations, as defined in its funding guidelines. Following a CFI/GC decision to fund a project, RNS will contact the successful institutions to discuss match funding. Those institutions seeking match funding will be provided with an application, which will request information focused on the anticipated contribution to the RNS research strategy.

All proposals are evaluated against the RNS strategy. RNS does not evaluate research excellence of the proposal, as this is completed by CFI/GC. There is no automatic matching. RNS will consider a request for funds up to the level of support from CFI. For GC projects, RNS will determine its potential level of support in advance, based on the application budget and the contributions of other partners.

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) meets to review the applications for match funding, and provides its input to RNS on each individual project. The RAC meets three times per year to ensure timely consideration of proposals. RNS completes an analysis, and may follow up to seek additional information from the applicant, potential end-users of the research results, or colleague researchers, where it is required to make a sound decision.

Institutions are encouraged at RAC to share their plans for upcoming CFI applications to inform their colleagues of proposals that may be forthcoming in the future. RNS welcomes the opportunity to discuss upcoming or proposed CFI applications with the applicant.