New Health Investigator Grant Recipients 2021-22

Research Nova Scotia is pleased to announce $1.48 million in funding for 15 research projects at six Nova Scotia universities and healthcare centers through its New Health Investigator Grant.

The New Health Investigator Grant supports early-career health researchers who are engaged in work that aligns with the province’s health research priorities. The grant aims to provide two years of support of up to $100,000 for researchers who are within the first five years of their academic appointment in Nova Scotia or who are new to the field of health research. Funding provided will support the establishment of independent programs of research, support and expand the research productivity necessary for obtaining long term funding from national and external agencies and expand the potential for early-career investigators to make significant contributions in their field. For the 2021-22 academic year, funding for this grant is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.


In Funding





Acadia University

Daniel Blustein
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Project: Low-cost virtual reality neurorehabilitation for chronic stroke
Amount: $100,000.00

Melanie Coombs
Associate Professor, Biology
Project: Improving the clinical potential of the anti-cancer peptide Mastoparan
Amount: $100,000.00

Cape Breton University

Enayat Rajabi
Assistant Professor, Business Analytics
Project: Identifying ALC patients by leveraging machine learning algorithms
Amount: $97,418.00

Dalhousie University

Abraham Nunes
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Project: Computational Modelling of Memory Impairment Mechanisms in Bipolar Disorder
Amount: $93,050.70

Alison Wallace
Assistant Professor, Surgery and Pathology
Project: Characterization of Radon-Induced Lung Cancer in Nova Scotia and Alpha Particle-Induced DNA Damage
Amount: $100,000.00

Caitlin McArthur
Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy
Project: Developing a theory-guided, evidence-based training program for rehabilitation providers working with residents with dementia in long-term care
Amount: $100,000.00

Carlos Hernandez-Castillo
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
Project: In-vivo assessment of the chronic neuroanatomical and cognitive abnormalities in COVID-19 survivors
Amount: $99,500.00

Dustin Kehler
Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy
Project: Feasibility of a virtually delivered preoperative rehabilitation program for patients awaiting TAVI to reduce frailty: The Virtual PREHAB study
Amount: $98,760.39

Julie Blais
Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Project: Identifying the prevalence and impact of technology facilitated sexual violence (TFSV) with a focus on access to services
Amount: $94,833.00

Olga Theou
Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy
Project: The Personalized Approach for Healthy Aging (PAHA) program
Amount: $100,000.00

Sanja Stanojevic
Assistant Professor, Community Health and Epidemiology
Project: Measuring the effects of vaping on lung health
Amount: $99,420.00

Tobias Karakach
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Project: Integrated Multi-Omics Characterization and Validation of Chromosome 1 instability in Wilms Tumors
Amount: $100,000.00

Mount Saint Vincent University

Jennifer Khoury
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Project: Understanding the impact of maternal childhood maltreatment on perinatal biological, psychosocial, and health risk: implications for maternal and infant health
Amount: $99,984.02

Nova Scotia Health

Wael Sumaya
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: Differential effects of dual antiplatelet and dual antithrombotic therapy on hemostasis in chronic coronary syndrome patients: Define CCS study
Amount: $98,226.88

Saint Mary’s University

Danielle Tokarz
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Project: Investigating Otoconia Ultrastructure during Degeneration
Amount: $100,000.00