New Health Investigator Grant Recipients 2022-23

Research Nova Scotia is pleased to announce $1.37 million in funding for 15 research projects at five Nova Scotia universities and healthcare centers through its New Health Investigator Grant.

The New Health Investigator Grant supports early-career health researchers who are engaged in work that aligns with the province’s health research priorities. The grant aims to provide two years of support of up to $100,000 for researchers who are within the first five years of their academic appointment in Nova Scotia or who are new to the field of health research. Funding provided will support the establishment of independent programs of research, support and expand the research productivity necessary for obtaining long term funding from national and external agencies and expand the potential for early-career investigators to make significant contributions in their field. For the 2022-23 academic year, funding for this grant is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.


In Funding





Acadia University

Carley O’Neill
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Project: Determining the feasibility of a women-specific virtual and in-person pulmonary rehabilitation program in Nova Scotia
Amount: $100,000.00

Emily Bremer
Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Project: Physical literacy, physical activity, and health trajectories among children and youth experiencing disability
Amount: $100,000.00

Dalhousie University

Cindy Feng
Associate Professor, Medicine
Project: Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health and Health Service Utilization in Nova Scotia: Reducing Health Disparities and Promoting Equity in Accessing Mental Health and Addiction Care Services
Amount: $99,977.28

JianLi Wang
Professor, Community Health & Epidemiology
Project: Predicting emergency department visits and hospitalization among the clients of Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addiction central intake assessment
Amount: $100,000.00

Kelvin Fong
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science
Project: Elucidating the Role of the Environment in Health Inequalities
Amount: $99,998.00

Nichole Austin
Assistant Professor, School of Health Administration
Project: Evaluating the impact of Nova Scotia’s shifting coverage for assisted reproduction
Amount: $76,244.42

OmiSoore Dryden
Associate Professor, James R. Johnston Chair, Black Canadian Studies, Faculty of Medicine
Project: Black Queer and Trans Determinants of Health (BQTDH): A Mixed Method, Intersectional Approach to Understanding the Health Experiences of Black Queer and Trans Population in Nova Scotia
Amount: $100,000

Rebecca Affoo
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health
Project: The Impact of Oral Health and Communication on the Ability of Older Nova Scotians to Live Well in the Community
Amount: $99,852.70

Ruth Lavergne
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Project: A thousand papercuts: Understanding and addressing changing administrative workload in primary care
Amount: $99,835.00

Shanon Phelan
Associate Professor, Faculty of Health
Project: Promoting Health and Well-being of Children experiencing Disability through Inclusion in Child Culture
Amount: $99,990.00

IWK Health Centre

Jocelyn Stairs
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine
Project: Factors affecting risk of obstetrical anal sphincter injury and its consequences in Nova Scotia
Amount: $47,125.12

Nova Scotia Health

Amanda Vinson
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: Differences in healthcare provider perception of frailty in male and female patients with end-stage kidney disease and impact on kidney transplant referral
Amount: $98,707.08

Caitlin Lees
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: MAID in Nova Scotia: The Impact of Social and Clinical Factors on Access and Experience
Amount: $52,548

Richard Spence
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: Leveraging emerging digital health technology to implement the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement (ICHOM) standard set of value-based patient-centered outcomes for colorectal cancer: the Nova Scotian CRC Collaborative
Amount: $100,000.00

St. Francis Xavier University

Ruth Harvie
Assistant Professor, Human Nutrition
Project: Evaluating the impact of including virtual dietary education within an electronic irritable bowel syndrome pathway
Amount: $99,746,00