Our Missions

Our missions create a portfolio of possible research questions across disciplines that are aspirational but achievable, focused but encouraging of creative responses from the research community. Our aim is to harness the imagination and expertise of the research community to help Nova Scotia solve some of its biggest challenges.

Our mission-oriented approach to research funding is outlined in the graphic below.

OUR Missions

Sustainable Bioeconomy

We will strive to ensure a productive, innovative, and sustainable bioeconomy in Nova Scotia, which reduces waste, finds novel ways to use by-product, improves sustainable practices, and conserves our resources for economic prosperity and future generations to enjoy.

Healthy People & Health Systems

We envision a society and health care system that supports Nova Scotians to remain healthy throughout their lives, and cares for them when they are not.

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

We imagine a resilient Nova Scotia that uses its resources in a sustainable way, reduces the impacts of human activity on the environment, and is ready to adapt to a changing climate.

Improved Quality of Life for Nova Scotians

We will support the creation of a society that provides safe, fulfilling, and prosperous communities for all people, in all regions of Nova Scotia, regardless of gender, age, economic status, culture or ethnicity.


“My goal is to improve sustainable production. What that breaks down to meaning is that we can continually produce seafood, a great nutritional source for us, without taking advantage of or depleting resources.”

Dr. Stefanie Columbo, Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus 

“This research from Mental Health Research Canada is invaluable for our work and the current data really help us illustrate the increasing need for Nova Scotians.”

Jill Chappell, Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia 


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