Our research strategy has been organized into four areas: sustainable bioeconomy, climate change adaptation and resilience, healthy people and health care systems, and improved quality of life for Nova Scotians, representing some of the most pressing needs of the province. Each area is made up of four corresponding missions, which help to give shape to the ways research can contribute to achieving progress for Nova Scotia.  

Our missions create a portfolio of possible research questions across disciplines that are aspirational but achievable, focused but encouraging of creative responses from the research community. Our aim is to harness the imagination and expertise of the research community to help Nova Scotia solve some of its biggest challenges.

Our mission-oriented approach to research funding is outlined in the graphic below.

Achieving success requires a variety of tools to engage the research community’s expertise in different ways. This may include match funding, capacity-building grants, partnerships, convened projects, challenge prizes—a mix of traditional and innovative funding opportunities that advance knowledge in one or more of the mission areas.

We encourage postsecondary institutions and their researchers to connect with us early in their application process. Research Nova Scotia will also seek to identify gaps in the mission portfolio, and to convene projects or initiatives that fill a need in the province, and so we are actively working with partners with similar mandates who share our interest in research.

If you have a research project or idea that will help support the achievement of our missions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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