Researcher Spotlight

Research Nova Scotia is proud to support research at Nova Scotia universities, colleges, healthcare institutions and affiliated centres.

Dr. Joy & Dr. Grant
Mount Saint Vincent University

As registered dietitians and professors in the Department of Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University, both Dr. Phillip Joy and Dr. Shannan Grant understand the importance of access to healthy foods in keeping us well and preventing the progression of disease. Together, with their team of researchers, they are exploring the current nutritional knowledge and resources available to people living with HIV-AIDS in Nova Scotia. Learn why the pair chose to engage community in their project at the very onset and how it shaped their work going forward.

Dr. Katie Aubrecht
St. Francis Xavier University

Dr. Katie Aubrecht is an assistant professor in the department of sociology at St. Francis Xavier University and Canada Research Chair in Health Equity and Social Justice. Her research aims to assess and strengthen the resources and supports available to Nova Scotians living with dementia during COVID-19

Dr. Marcia English
St. Francis Xavier University

Dr. Marcia English is an Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition at St. Francis Xavier University where she leads the X Food Research Lab. Learn how she’s using her background in food chemistry to address challenges and add value to Nova Scotia’s farming and food production community.

Dr. Rita Orji
Dalhousie University

Dr. Rita Orji is an associate professor of computer science at Dalhousie University. Learn how Dr. Orji has combined her talents in tech with her passion for helping people in the field of persuasive technology to design and improve interactive systems such as games and apps that promote health and wellness and help users achieve their goals.

Dr. Etienne Mfoumou

Dr. Etienne Mfoumou, Lead Research Scientist for NSCC’s Engineered Technologies Applied Research Lab, knows that sustainable water treatment options are vital for rural Nova Scotians who rely on well water. Learn how his team has been working with the town of Shelburne to develop a solution that could eventually help ensure all communities in Nova Scotia have access to clean, safe drinking water. 

Dr. Kyly Whitfield
Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Kyly Whitfield, an assistant professor of Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University, wants to know why Nova Scotia has amongst the lowest rates of breastfeeding across Canada.

Dr. Stefanie Colombo
Dalhousie University, Agricultural Campus

Dr. Stefanie Colombo, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Aquaculture Nutrition, is working to address a major challenge facing the aquaculture industry – climate change. Her research asks the question: how are we going to grow fish sustainably and efficiently in a warmer world?

Dr. Lesley Frank
Acadia University

Dr. Lesley Frank is an associate professor of sociology at Acadia University. Her research aims to improve our understanding of infant-food security in both breastfed and formula-fed babies in Canada.

Dr. Todd Ventura
Saint Mary’s University

Dr. Todd Ventura is the director of the Organic Geochemistry Lab at Saint Mary’s University. By studying microorganisms found in seep sites, his research aims to improve the economic viability and environmental impact of offshore drilling

Dr. Olga Theou
Nova Scotia Health/Dalhousie University

Dr. Olga Theou is the Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity, Mobility and Healthy Aging. Her research aims to help Canadians understand and take charge of their own frailty.

Dr. Michael Freund
Dalhousie University

Dr. Michael Freund, a professor at Dalhousie University, is using his expertise in chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering to address existing technology gaps in the critical area of renewable energy development.

Drs. Pedneault & Leite 
Université Sainte-Anne 

Drs. Karine Pedneault and Gustavo Leite are working to bring Nova Scotia wines to the next level through Université Sainte-Anne’s Research Winery.

Dr. David Kelvin
Dalhousie University

Dr. Kelvin is an infectious disease expert with an international research program that carries out studies around the world. His team of researchers is currently focused on COVID-19.

Dr. Phil Tibbo
Nova Scotia Health / Dalhousie

Dr. Tibbo is the Director of the Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program. His research is examining the link between cannabis use and early psychosis in youth and young adults.

Dr. Shah Razul
St. Francis Xavier University

Dr. Razul is an Assistant Professor in the department of Chemistry at StFX University. He’s focused his expertise on answering an important question facing one of Nova Scotia’s main exports: how do you keep lobster tasting fresh after it has been frozen?

Dr. Derek Charke
Acadia University

Dr. Charke is the creator and director of the new Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio (AEMS). The AEMS is the first fully functioning multi-channel spatialized studio of its kind in Nova Scotia.