Research Agendas

Research has the potential to transform our province’s economic and social sectors, contributing to a stronger, more inclusive and sustainably prosperous Nova Scotia.

The mission-oriented provincial research strategy identifies areas where research can reduce harm, improve systems and resources, build resilience and innovate for the future. A research agenda identifies how and where research can most effectively support to our greatest challenges.

An agenda is a series of recommended research areas and opportunities. It assesses existing barriers to research uptake, the knowledge gaps that research could fill, and the mechanisms to ensure research is accessible to the people and organizations who could put it into practice. It gives focus to the needs of Nova Scotians targeted to a specific subject or mission.


Research Nova Scotia, in partnership with the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust, has developed a research agenda to bring greater focus to the role research can play in the forestry sector’s transition to a sustainable future.

We encourage:

  • Researchers to consider how they could apply their creativity and expertise to finding solutions
  • Industry, small businesses and not-for-profits to partner with us to make use of research, and
  • Government and other stakeholders to work with us on identifying sectors in which greater clarity could lead to benefits through research.