Thank you for your interest in partnering with Research Nova Scotia.

Research Nova Scotia supports, organizes, and coordinates research. With the curiosity to imagine a better world, and the determination to make it real, we champion the people and resources needed to improve the lives of Nova Scotians.

We define sponsorship as a business relationship between Research Nova Scotia and an event or organization. In exchange for funds, resources, or services, we will receive specific commercial and/or promotional benefits.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Local, small-scale, sometimes student-led events, that help researchers spread the word about their research while aligning with our priorities
  • Larger events (sometimes National) that provide brand and marketing opportunities for Research Nova Scotia
  • In-kind support (i.e. panel participation, conference bag items, etc.)

Does your event or opportunity not fit into one of these categories?

Do you have an opportunity where our support and involvement is about sharing ideas, advancing our work, and participating in events or activities that will fundamentally help Research Nova Scotia achieve its missions? Let’s connect .

If you are looking for research funding please review our current funding opportunities.

To apply for sponsorship

All applications for sponsorship will be submitted via Research Nova Scotia’s online portal, Jura. To access the application, please login or create an account in Jura by clicking the ‘Register’ button found here. Once you have created an account, applicants can find the form under the ‘Funding Opportunities’ section of their Jura homepage.

Don’t forget to attach draft programs as well as sponsorship levels, including benefits, if applicable.

Please note that our annual sponsorship budget is limited. Once funds are allocated no further applications will be accepted.

Questions? Contact:

Stephanie Reid
Director, Marketing and Communications

Review Sponsorship Policy

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