Thank you for your interest in partnering with Research Nova Scotia.

Research Nova Scotia was established to enhance research capacity, as well as align research funding, with provincial priorities and promotes a mission-oriented research ecosystem to help solve Nova Scotia’s biggest challenges. We define sponsorship as a business relationship between Research Nova Scotia and an event or organization. In exchange for funds, resources, or services, we will receive specific commercial and/or promotional benefits.

Sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Conferences
  • Events (i.e. dinners, trade shows, workshops, etc.)
  • Other select research and/or program opportunities

Sponsorship proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Mission Alignment
  • How will this opportunity help achieve our research mission(s)?

  • What progress will be achieved? What are the desired outcomes?
  • 40%
    Brand Alignment
  • How does this opportunity align with Research Nova Scotia’s brand?
  • 15%
    Business Result
  • How have other organizations benefited from partnering with you?

  • What is the business opportunity for Research Nova Scotia?
  • 30%
    Engagement Opportunity
  • Are you open to co-creating a sponsorship proposal?

  • Are there additional opportunities for content creation and engagement with Research Nova Scotia?
  • 15%

    Applications will be evaluated by an internal committee using these weighted criteria and minimum score requirements.

    If you believe that your opportunity is in line with the above guidelines, we encourage you to download and fill out our sponsorship application form below. Please include draft programs as well as sponsorship levels, including benefits, if applicable.

    Download Sponsorship Application Form

    Review Sponsorship Policy

    To Submit

    Please submit your completed Sponsorship Application Form to apply@researchns.ca with the subject line “Application for RNS Sponsorship.” 

    Please note that our annual sponsorship budget is limited. Once funds are allocated no further applications will be accepted.

    Questions? Contact:

    Stephanie Reid
    Director, Marketing and Communications