Scotia Scholars Award

Acadia University – Undergraduate

The 2021 Scotia Scholars Undergraduate Award provides financial support to students with exceptional potential who are or wish to be engaged in health research at Acadia University. Recipients will participate on a project supported by a research supervisor. This award will support the growth, acquisition, and retention of highly skilled individuals who are advancing and translating knowledge in disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, strengthening health care delivery systems, caring for vulnerable populations, and promoting better opportunities for future health and wellbeing.


To be eligible to apply and hold an award, applicants must:
  • be enrolled full-time in and completed at least two full years of an honours or advanced major undergraduate degree program at Acadia.
  • have obtained, over the previous two years of study, a minimum first-class average, full time equivalent (as determined by Acadia).
  • Be in good standing for enrollment in the upcoming school year.
  • Not be employed fulltime.
To be eligible to hold an award, applicants must:
  • hold only one Scotia Scholar Award at a time.
  • maintain eligibility for award during the full duration of the award. If program completion occurs before end of award recipient can maintain eligibility to hold the award during the period approved by the supervisor and Acadia.
  • not exceed any funding caps as determined by Acadia. All external funding must be reported to Acadia.

Please note:

  • Awards are not transferable. 
  • Preference will be given to students who have not already received a summer research award at Acadia (USRA, Webster or HSRA)

Subject Matter Eligibility

Research Nova Scotia uses a mission-oriented approach to research. This means we start with what we want to accomplish and build a research agenda and coalition of partners and projects to help achieve these goals. We seek to support creativity, diversity and ingenuity in the research community’s responses to our mission challenges: proposed projects and research areas may include foundational/discovery research or applied research, in a wide variety of fields and disciplines.

All submissions considered for funding must reflect the health pillar of Research Nova Scotia’s mission-oriented strategy, which uses research to support a healthy population and strong health care system. Please demonstrate how the project contributes to one or more of the Research Nova Scotia health missions:

  • Advance disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
  • Strengthen our health care delivery system
  • Care for vulnerable populations
  • Promote better opportunities for future health and wellbeing

Additional information on the Research Nova Scotia Health Missions can be found on our website:

Funding Amount and Duration of Award

Awards are valued between $3,000-$5,000 for 8 months and are non-renewable.

Students will not be eligible to receive Scotia Scholars Award funding past the end of Year 4 of an Undergraduate program, as outlined below:

Enrollment Status at Time of ApplicationMaximum Eligible Funding Available
Applied to/Accepted in programIneligible to apply
In Year 1 or 2 of programIneligible to apply
In Year 3 of program$3,000-$5,000/8 months
In Year 4 of program or laterIneligible to apply

Important Dates

Application open in Jura: Monday, May 10, 2021

Application deadline: Monday, May 31, 2021 at 3:00PM (ADT)

Reference letter deadline: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 3:00PM (ADT)

Applicants will be notified of decisions in June 2021. Funding may begin after official notification. The final start date will be determined by the supervisor and Acadia in coordination with recipient.


You must work under the supervision of a person who has been deemed eligible by Acadia. An eligible supervisor is a person authorized by the university to independently supervise students. Co-supervision is welcome. If you have any questions about potential supervisors, please connect with the Acadia Office of Research and Graduate Studies at:

Donna Dillman
Research Office Administrator

Application Process

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

Consider whether you meet the eligibility criteria (outlined above) and confirm your institution is offering the award level for which you are eligible to apply. If applicants have any questions related to their eligibility, they are encouraged to contact their institution.

Step 2: Review Application Requirements

Be sure to carefully review all application requirements, as outlined in the document below:  2021-22 Undergraduate Scotia Scholar Award Application Requirements 

Note: You are required to submit two letters of reference and all academic transcripts. Please ensure you arrange for these documents well in advance of the application deadline.

Step 3: Register for a Jura Account

Applications must be submitted via Research Nova Scotia’s online portal, Jura.

Please visit and click “Register” to create an account.

Step 4: Ensure Letters of Reference are Submitted

Ensure your academic and leadership letters have been submitted by the referees to Research Nova Scotia at prior to the application deadline. Letters provided via the applicant will not be accepted.

Letters of reference will not be accepted after the deadline under any circumstances.

Note: This is the only component of the application completed outside of Jura

Step 5: Complete Application

To apply, login to Jura to access the application. Information will either be entered directly into Jura or uploaded as PDF documents. Be sure to refer to the ‘Application Requirements’ for detailed instructions.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted via Research Nova Scotia’s online submission portal, Jura. Follow the link below to create an account, select the opportunity, and upload all requirements as detailed above. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all the above requirements are provided for consideration. Additional details regarding Jura are available on the submission form.

Jura Online Platform:

Please note: no applications or application components will be accepted after the posted deadline. All materials for review must be provided via the online submission form. Materials will not be accepted via mail or email.

Review and Selection Process

  1. Acadia will assess applications to determine whether they are complete and meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Complete and eligible applications will be reviewed by Acadia in accordance with their review practices and the assessment criteria outlined below.
  3. Acadia will submit a list of applicants recommended for funding and a list of alternates, if applicable, to Research Nova Scotia.
  4. Research Nova Scotia will notify applicants of funding decisions and implement the process for award acceptance and payment for successful applicants.

Assessment Criteria 


Academic Excellence

Indicators of research ability and potential:

  • Strength of academic record
  • Quality of academic abilities outlined in academic reference letter
  • Funding, duration, and prestige of received scholarships and awards
  • Clarity of explanation for any academic interruptions and delays



Leadership Qualities

  • Extent to which past and current employment, volunteer, extracurricular experiences, and research contributions demonstrate leadership skills 
  • Quality and potential impact of leadership abilities outlined in leadership reference letter 

Relevance of future plans to career in health research 


Research Potential and Interest

  • Relevance of academic training and work experience to research activity
  • Funding, duration, and prestige of received scholarships and awards
  • Quality and extent of contribution to research activity described
  • Quality and potential impact of research abilities outlined in academic reference letter
  • Potential for impact of research activity on the health of Nova Scotians and the economy, clinical practice, health policy and/or health services in Nova Scotia


Application Support

Inquiries regarding potential supervisors, opportunities, and application creation should be directed to:

Donna Dillman
Research Office Administrator

Technical issues related to application submission via Jura can be directed to:
RNS Jura Helpdesk | 902.221.4882
Jura Helpdesk Hours are 8am-4pm AST Monday to Friday.
Responses will be provided as soon as possible but please allow up to 24 hours for a response.