Research Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020/2021 Scotia Scholars Master’s Awards. 

The Scotia Scholars Awards were created to provide financial support to research trainees with exceptional potential who are engaged in health research at participating Nova Scotia institutions.

The value and duration of the Scotia Scholars Master’s Award is up to $10,000 per year, renewable for 1 year. Funds were allocated to Acadia University, Cape Breton University, Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Saint Mary’s University and Université Ste-Anne. The number of awards issued were determined by each university.

Please join us in congratulating the following recipients:   

Master’s Recipients: 35        
Total Funding: $409,500

Acadia University

Jordan Ferguson

Project: Behavioural and Neural Effects of Prism Adaptation in Healthy Young Adults

Supervisor: Anne Sophie Champod

Courtney Gosselin
Clinical Psychology

Project: This Does Not Define Me: Exploring how Memory Networks Contribute to Psychological Resilience and Well-Being among Sexual Minorities

Supervisors: Diane Holmberg and Karen Blair

Amanda Gouthro
Clinical Psychology

Project: Does Cannabis Reduce Anxiety? The impact of Approach Motivation as an Anxiolytic Mechanism

Supervisor: Joseph Hayes

Abigail Howard-Gosse
Clinical Psychology

Project: How Attention and Emotional Responses to Relationship Stimuli Are Impacted by Attachment Type and Depression

Supervisor: Douglas Symons

Rebeka Howardson
Clinical Psychology

Project: Examining the Role of Intolerance of Uncertainty and Relationship Uncertainty on Intimate Partner Cyber Aggression

Supervisor: Kathryn Bell

Taylor McAulay

Project: Exercise for Anxiety and Depression: Predictors of Adherence and Dose-Response Relationship

Supervisor: Douglas Symons

Dalhousie University

Joel Bierer
Medical Research

Project: The Optimal Ultrafiltration Protocol in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: An Observational Cohort Study

Supervisor: David Horne

Nicole Blinn
Health Promotion

Project: Using Nature to Promote Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Mental Health in Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People

Supervisor: Rebecca Spencer and Debbie Martin

Cassidy Bradley
Applied Health Research & Epidemiology

Project: Evaluation of the Association Between Social Well Being and Physical Function in a Population Based Sample of Prostate Cancer Survivors

Supervisor: Gabriela Ilie

Justin Brown

Project: Determining the Mechanism of Novel Long Non-Coding RNA NRAD1 in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Supervisor: Paola Marcato

Taylor Caddell
Microbiology & Immunology

Project: Identifying Antiviral Drugs that Inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 Host Shut-Off Protein

Supervisor: Craig McCormick

Mireya Cervantes González
Biomedical Engineering

Project: A Combination Hyaluronic Acid-Collagen Fiber Scaffold for Tympanic Membrane Repair

Supervisor: John Frampton

Jason Foster

Project: Investigating the regulatory function of nuclear lipid droplets

Supervisor: Neale Ridgway

Julien Gallant
Epidemiology and Applied Health Research

Project: Children with Medical Complexity in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A 30 Year Review

Supervisors: Susan Kirkland and Kristina Krmpotic

Lee JungWoo
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Project: Mechanisms of Imagery-Based Practice: Probing the Role of Supplementary Motor Area in Effort Perception

Supervisor: Shaun Boe

Silvia Marin-Dragu

Project: Impact of Late Night Smartphone Usage on the Mental Wellbeing of Adolescents

Supervisor: Sandra Meier

Anna Nazarova

Project: Cortical Thickness as a Predictor of Severe Mental Illness Onset in High Family Risk Offspring

Supervisor: Rudolf Uher

Ibrahim Shahin

Project: Investigating the Role of Nitric Oxide Synthase 1 Adaptor Protein (NOS1AP) in the Hyperphosphorylation of Tau, a Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease

Supervisor: James Fawcett

Brooke Thomas
Social Anthropology

Project: Social Worker Conceptions of ‘Trauma’ and Practice with Children and Youth in Canada

Supervisor: Laura Eramian

Marie-Claire Wasson
Master’s of Science

Project: Investigating Molecular Mechanisms of Triple Negative Breast Cancer-enriched Oncogenic Long Non-Coding RNAs

Supervisor: Paola Marcato

Hsin Jung (Cindy) Yu

Project: Selection and Evaluation of a Superior Apple Genotype for Potential Glycemic Control

Supervisor: H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe

Mount Saint Vincent University

Emily Côté
Master of Arts

Project: How Does Children’s Spelling Support their Reading?

Supervisor: Helene Deacon

Jocelyne Labonté (Bégin)
Applied Human Nutrition

Project: Impact of Cultural Influences on Health: An Exploration of Maternal Food Taboos in Cambodia

Supervisor: Kyly Whitfield

Catherine Littler
Applied Human Nutrition

Project: Canadian Military Spousal Experiences: Food Ways, Food Insecurity, and Identity

Supervisor: Jennifer Brady

Emily MacEachern
Applied Human Nutrition

Project: The Development of Flavoured Dairy Functional Food Products with Reduced Sugar Content and Added Milk Protein Fractions

Supervisor: Bohdan Luhovyy

Amy Mireault
Applied Human Nutrition

Project: The Effect of Health Coaching on Glycemic Control and Goal Success in Women with Diabetes in Pregnancy

Supervisor: Shannan Grant

Gowshigga Thamotharampillai
Applied Human Nutrition

Project: Development of Functional Pizza Crust Using Lentil and Wheat Flours

Supervisor: Bohdan Luhovyy

NSCAD University

Aggrey Agwata
Master’s of Arts in Education

Project: An Analysis of the Use of Technology by Performance Art Communities in Adaptation to New Trends, Response to Pandemic and Change

Supervisor: April Mandrona

Saint Mary's University

Maddy Blazer
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Project: Mental Health Disclosure and Symptom Types Impact on Stigma in the Workplace

Supervisor: Debra Oore

Gena Dufour
Applied Psychology – Forensic Stream

Project: Disclosures of Physical and Emotional Harm in Nova Scotian Victim Impact Statements

Supervisors: Veronica Stinson and Marguerite Ternes

Etezad Seyedehsan
Applied Psychology

Project: Gamified Assessment: an Accommodation for People with Learning Disabilities

Supervisor: Nicolas Roulin

Martina Faitakis
Applied Psychology – Forensic Stream

Project: Creating and Validating a Behavioural Measure of Exclusive Hebephilia

Supervisor: Skye Stephens

Ashley Francis
Applied Science

Project: Differential Effects of Cannabis Use on Inhibitory Control-Indexed Brain Function in Males and Females

Supervisor: Derek Fisher

Hannah Markham
Applied Health Services Research

Project: Connecting Wounded Healers: Investigating the Effectiveness of a Digital Mindfulness Intervention for Healthcare Providers Experiencing Burn-Out

Supervisor: Kevin Kelloway

Université Sainte-Anne

Alexa Johnson
French-Speaking Cultures and Spaces

Project: Child and Parent Screen Media Use and Development Outcomes in a Sample of Nova Scotia Preschoolers

Supervisor: Caroline Fitzpatrick