Applications Now Closed

On behalf of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, thank you to all who applied to the 2020 Standing Together Connect and Shift Grants. Applications are now closed. Eighteen organizations received Standing Together grants in spring 2020. See the full list of projects that received grants.

Domestic violence affects many Nova Scotians and can happen in any relationship. Standing Together is government’s commitment to work with community organizations, groups, and experts to build a coordinated action plan to break harmful cycles of domestic violence.

The goals of Standing Together are to:

  • Prevent domestic violence by disrupting cycles of violence and ensuring that Nova Scotians are better prepared to develop healthy, violence-free relationships.
  • Support victims of domestic violence with an improved network and continuum of programs that help them rebuild their lives and prevent violence in the future.
  • Shift policies and interventions so support systems better respond to people’s needs, understand and promote gender equality, and address barriers facing the most vulnerable Nova Scotians.

With a long-term goal of reducing domestic violence in Nova Scotia, we must find ways to stop violence from happening in the first place – which is also known as primary prevention. This involves changing social norms that contribute to domestic violence, promoting healthy relationships, and building stronger community-level supports and interventions.

Last year, we launched the first call for Shift Grants to engage community groups and organizations to share ideas and explore initiatives that will change outcomes for women, girls, families, and communities. A second call for proposals now welcomes your innovative ideas for how to provide better supports, prevent domestic violence, and respond earlier when it does happen.

New this year, we are inviting community groups and collaborative networks to share their ideas to prevent and disrupt harmful cycles of domestic violence through a Connect Grant. This call for proposals welcomes your creativity to change the narrative on domestic violence based on what you’ve been learning – by bringing people together to share knowledge, assemble information, and tell the story about how Nova Scotians are making a shift to prevent violence.

Research Nova Scotia is hosting this call for proposals on behalf of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.


Up to $75,000 in project funding to test new, innovative ideas to prevent violence and support victims. Funded projects will aim to identify promising practices, build collaboration, and strengthen capacity for implementation


Up to $25,000 in project funding to bring people together to share knowledge, develop learning tools, and tell the story of how groups are working to prevent and disrupt cycles of domestic violence.

The Nova Scotia Advisory Council was established in 1977 to educate the public and advise the provincial government on issues of interest and concern to women. The Nova Scotia Advisory Council works to make sure that issues affecting the lives of Nova Scotia women become part of the government’s plan. Our concerns touch all areas of women’s lives.

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