Research Nova Scotia and CANSSI Atlantic Announcing Over $273,000 in Climate Change Funding

(Halifax, NS) In 2022, Research Nova Scotia (RNS) and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) Atlantic launched the Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration (ACRC) to fund research that will tackle complex data-focused problems related to climate change and its impact on coastal communities.

“Since launching this research fund, our region has experienced unprecedented climate-related events including a polar vortex, flooding, a hurricane, and wildfires,” says Stefan Leslie, CEO of Research Nova Scotia. “This further emphasizes the importance and urgent need for this type of research in Nova Scotia.”

The ACRC is announcing funding for two research projects that include investigators from Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Community College.

Dr. Tim Webster (NSCC, left) and Dr. Orla Murphy (Dalhousie University, right) are receiving $165,222 from Research Nova Scotia for their research project exploring coastal vulnerability along the Northumberland Strait in Cumberland County. In partnership with the Municipality of Cumberland, Drs. Webster and Murphy will produce coastal flood vulnerability maps for present day and the future that will help inform planning and development decisions related to our coastlines.

“Cumberland County is motivated to improve flood risk mapping. We can do this research and deliver useful tools to Cumberland while applying findings to other coastal communities and climate-related threats across Nova Scotia,” says Leslie. “This project will provide municipalities with important coastal planning resources while creating valuable training opportunities for students at NSCC and Dalhousie, improving our future climate research capacity.”

Dr. Sanja Stanojevic (Dalhousie University, left) and her team are also receiving $79,750 from Research Nova Scotia and $28,250 from CANSSI for their research project aimed at better understanding the effects of climate change on lung health.

“Atlantic Canadians are continuing to adapt to more frequent and intense climate change related events,” says Joanna Mills Flemming, professor at Dalhousie University and Regional Director of CANSSI Atlantic. “The methodological tools we currently use to understand the health effects of climate change must also adapt.”

Working together with LungsNSPEI, the project will install new low-cost air quality sensors and integrate the new information with existing respiratory health data. By applying statistical methods in a novel way, the research will generate new knowledge on how climate change affects lung health. Dr. Stanojevic will improve climate change monitoring capacity and provide specialized training in environmental data science, epidemiology, and statistics in Atlantic Canada.

“Monitoring the effects of climate change on the lungs can serve as an early warning signal for other negative health effects,” says Mills Flemming. “This is one example of collaborative, data-intensive research initiatives demanding innovative statistical sciences to maximize positive outcomes for Nova Scotians.”

Research Nova Scotia will continue to support research related to climate change adaptation and resilience.

“The ACRC has identified research challenges and areas of community interest,” says Leslie. “Having Research Nova Scotia, CANSSI Atlantic, and the researchers work in partnership, we’ve shaped some really exciting projects,” adds Mills Flemming. “These projects highlight some of the benefits of connecting statistical science research to important societal issues. They are advancing statistical research while providing useful tools to the partner communities”.


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As a regional centre of CANSSI national, CANSSI Atlantic is focused on supporting data-intensive research and strengthening the network of statistical scientists in the Atlantic region and across Canada. It is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science (with support from the Faculty of Computer Science) at Dalhousie University.

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