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Webinar: Considerations for effective integration of sex and gender in research

On December 7, Research Nova Scotia’s Competitive Edge Initiative presented an opportunity for researchers to learn how to build more equitable, reflective, and inclusive research plans with respect to gender and sex.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Natalie Rosen, briefly touched on topics including:

  1. participant eligibility,
  2. recruitment,
  3. sampling plans and data analysis, and
  4. measurement of genders and sexes.

The aim was to stimulate critical thought with regard to the integration of sex and gender in research (and grant applications) and to offer some resources for continued learning.

Competitive Edge Initiative
Research Nova Scotia’s Competitive Edge Initiative (CEI) is designed to support researchers in advancing their programs of research. The CEI will provide opportunities such as workshops and information sessions to enhance grantsmanship skills, facilitate connections, improve communications skills, and more.

Public Impact Award Recipient

On November 23, Dr. Timothy Webster, Research Scientist at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), received the first ever Public Impact Award at the 20th Annual Discovery Awards at the Halifax Convention Centre. The award was sponsored and presented by Research Nova Scotia. 

The Public Impact Award is awarded to a researcher whose research has benefited the well-being of the province and people of Nova Scotia. The recipient’s work intentionally responds to the needs of society, solves a problem, manages a risk, or creates an opportunity for Nova Scotians. 

Learn more about Dr. Webster’s work in Season 2, Episode 5 of the Beyond Research Podcast and learn how his research team predicted areas of Nova Scotia that would be most affected by Hurricane Fiona.

Finalists for the Public Impact Award also included Professor Jennifer Llewellyn at Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law and Dr. David Percival at the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus. The work of all the finalists has made lasting impacts on Nova Scotians. 

Current Opportunities

Scotia Scholars Undergraduate Award


The Scotia Scholars Award provides financial support to research trainees with exceptional potential who are engaged in a health research project at participating Nova Scotia institutions. This award will support the growth, acquisition, and retention of highly skilled individuals who are advancing and translating knowledge in disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, strengthening health care delivery systems, caring for vulnerable populations, and promoting better opportunities for future health and wellbeing. 

Funding for this award is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. 

Application deadline is February 9, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. (AST)

Participating institutions:

  • Cape Breton University
  • Mount Saint Vincent University
  • University of Kings College
  • Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC Summer Research)

Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration (ACRC)

Research Nova Scotia and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) Atlantic have launched the Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration (ACRC) to fund research that will tackle complex problems related to climate change and its impacts on coastal communities. 

ACRC will leverage local expertise by bringing together research, industry, and community to address and mitigate the threats of climate change to Atlantic Canadians.  

The program will support the development of new statistical and inferential data science methodology and models and/or the application of existing statistical and data science methods and models in innovative ways. 

Funding will be distributed over two years, across three intake periods annually. CANSSI Atlantic will oversee the program and Research Nova Scotia will manage the applications.  

Applications for the first intake open on December 12, 2022 and close on February 10, 2023. 

Call for Applications: CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship (CDPF) Program

The Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) has issues a call for applications to its CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship (CDPF) Program. These two-year fellowships offer an exceptional experience and are open to individuals with a recently completed doctoral degree in statistics, biostatistics, actuarial sciences, or data science. 

Application deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2023

Career Opportunities with Dr. Christine Chambers

Dr. Christine Chambers is the Scientific Director of the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH), Tier I Canada Research Chair in Children’s Pain, and Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Pediatrics at Dalhousie University. 

Dr. Chambers is hiring for two positions:

Associate Director, CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health – applications accepted until December 9th

Operations Lead, Solutions for Kids in Pain – applications accepted until December 11th

Canada-UK 2022-23 Collaborative Industrial Research and Development all for Proposals on Quantum Technologies

Working together, the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) aim to foster and support collaborative industrial research and development (R&D) projects with a high potential for commercialization. This call for proposals is open to organizations from Canada and the UK who wish to form project consortia to perform collaborative projects focused on developing innovative products, processes, or technology-based services in the area of quantum technologies.

Registration deadline: January 31, 2023

Ukrainian Emergency Research Support Program

The Ukrainian Emergency Research Support Fund will provide funding to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers who are accepted by a Nova Scotian institution to continue their research work. Postsecondary research institutions and research-focused organizations are eligible hosts for the grants, which are intended to offset some of the costs of outfitting offices and labs, renting out or sharing equipment, and integrating visiting Ukrainians into a Nova Scotian education system.

Working Together

Over the last couple of years, RNS has pursued a mission-oriented research strategy to tackle big, complex challenges in Nova Scotia. This strategy starts with what we want to accomplish and builds a research agenda and coalition of partners to help achieve these goals. By focusing on the goal, we can support many different types of ideas all seeking to find common ground: science and social science, fundamental and applied research can each play a role.
As a province, we face many grand challenges; equally, we are rich in resources, assets and expertise that can grab hold of opportunities. But we cannot do it alone: we need creative and collaborative partners, researchers, and uptake organizations who are willing to work together to find solutions.

Have an idea about how we could work together to support achieving one or more of our missions? Contact us

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Working together.