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“The problem is that women continue to be underrepresented in sport and exercise research today, and that there is a lack of evidence-based guidelines for females in relation to sport and exercise. So, this really limits the understanding of women’s needs for training and performance.”

Samantha Fisher, Scotia Scholar, St. FX
S2, Episode 10, Sport Research: Where are the Women?

Food waste and food loss is actually still a very important challenge for the industry right now, it not only impacts the nutritional quality of the food, but it also has a big impact on the environment.

Dr. Marcia English, St. FX
S2, Episode 2, Food Waste

“My goal is to improve the sustainable production and what that breaks down to meaning is that we can continually produce seafood and a great nutritional source for us without taking advantage of or depleting other resources.”

Dr. Stefanie Colombo, Dalhousie Agriculture
S1, Episode 5, The Future of Aquaculture

“Unfortunately, for the southern Maritimes, we are sinking at 10 to 15 centimeters per century. But of course, that compounds the problem of global sea level rise.”

Dr. Timothy Webster, Nova Scotia Community College
S2, Episode 5, Predicted Sea Level Rise

“Virtual reality has shown in the early literature in the rehab field that it’s a really great opportunity to maximize that opportunity of repetitive task-oriented practice of a motor skill, and probably an opportunity to do more of that practice in a shorter timeframe compared to how we can achieve that in the real world.”

Dr. Jordan Sheriko, IWK Health
S2, Episode 9, Virtual Reality and Health Care