Our Strategy

In consultation with provincial research institutions, government departments, stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem, and partners we have reviewed international best practices, and the approach adopted in other provinces. We sought to understand how we can best achieve our mandate, ensuring progress toward provincial priorities while encouraging innovation driven by the researchers and their institutions.

The result is Research Nova Scotia’s mission-oriented approach to funding, supporting and coordinating research in the province.

A mission-oriented approach starts with what we want to accomplish, and builds a research agenda and coalition of partners to help achieve these goals. Mission-oriented research considers ways to address big, complex challenges through coordination and creativity. As a province, we face many grand challenges; equally, we are rich in resources, assets and expertise that can grab hold of opportunities. There are many different organizations, institutions and sectors that have a role to play in creating a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Nova Scotia: for Research Nova Scotia, that role is supporting research that benefits the province.


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Missions in Horizon Europe
Missions, A Beginner’s Guide (2019)
A Mission-Oriented UK Industrial Strategy (2019)
UN Sustainable Development Goals
One Nova Scotia Collective Dashboard
Nova Scotia Sustainable Development Goals Act (2019)
Research Nova Scotia Regulations
Research Nova Scotia Legislation