Research Nova Scotia is pleased to announce more than $2 million in funding for 21 research projects at eight Nova Scotia universities and healthcare centers through its New Health Investigator Grant.

The New Health Investigator Grant supports early-career health researchers who are engaged in work that aligns with the province’s health research priorities.  The grant aims to provide two years of support of up to $100,000 for researchers who are within the first five years of their academic appointment in Nova Scotia or who are new to the field of health research. Funding provided will support the establishment of independent programs of research, support and expand the research productivity necessary for obtaining long term funding from national and external agencies and expand the potential for early-career investigators to make significant contributions in their field.  For the 2020-21 academic year, funding for this grant is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.


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New Health Investigator Grant Recipients

Dr. Britney Benoit
Assistant Professor, Rankin School of Nursing, St. Francis Xavier University
Project: Provincial Implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative: A Collaborative, Theoretically Driven Study

Dr. Leah Cahill
Affiliated Scientist, Nova Scotia Health
Project: Does a simple blood test predict who needs strict blood sugar control to prevent heart disease?

Dr. Christine Cassidy
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University
Project: Designing an integrated pediatric inpatient-ambulatory care service delivery model

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois
Professor, School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University
Project: Home Food Gardening in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Lessons for Food Security Considerations

Dr. Ketul Chaudhary
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine , Dalhousie University
Project: Cardiac Vascular Stem Cells in Right Heart Failure

Dr. Jon Dorling
Neonatologist & Division Head, Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, IWK Health Centre
Project: Preterm Infant Gut microbiome associations with Environment and Outcomes in the NICU (PIGEON)

Dr. Parisa Ghanouni
Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, Dalhousie University
Project: Community-Based Services for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities: Transition to Adult Care

Dr. Phillip Joy
Assistant Professor, Human Nutrition, Mount Saint Vincent University
Project: Exploring current nutritional knowledge and resources available to people living with HIV-AIDS in Nova Scotia: A Comprehensive needs assessment

Dr. Denys Khaperskyy
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: Role of stress granule formation in immune responses to respiratory viruses

Dr. Michael Kucharczyk
Radiation Oncologist, Nova Scotia Health
Project: Can Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate combined with a Radiomics Evaluation Determine the Invasive Capacity of a Tumour (Can MRI-PREDICT)

Dr. Brendan Leung
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Oral Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University
Project: Harnessing oral microbiota to prevent chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis: functional screening using a bioprinted mammalian-microbe co-culture model

Dr. Paula McLaughlin
Clinical Neuropsychologist, Nova Scotia Health
Project: Identifying, Understanding, and Mitigating Gaps in Dementia Care

Dr. Sandra Meier
Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IWK Health Centre
Project: An App Responding to Behaviour of People to Promote Mental Wellbeing in Anxious Youth

Dr. Elaine Moody
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University
Project: Primary Healthcare for People with Dementia: Exploring Care Provided by Collaborative Family Practice Teams in Nova Scotia

Dr. Ryan Reid
Assistant Professor, Huamn Kinetics, St. Francis Xavier University
Project: Using activity monitors to improve virtual care for individuals at risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease living in rural areas of Nova Scotia

Dr. Skye Stephens
Assistant Professor, Psychology, Saint Mary’s University
Project: The Feasibility of a Program for the Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dr. Tanya Surette
Assistant Professor, School of Education, Acadia University
Project: Resilience and impairment: A study of factors supporting counsellor development and career longevity

Dr. Deniz Top
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University
Project: Differences in the Regulation of Behaviour Genes as a Proposed Mechanism for Mental Illness

Dr. Kara Thompson
Assistant Professor, Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University
Project: Strengthening alcohol policies on Atlantic Canadian campuses: Working collaboratively to reduce alcohol-related harm among students

Dr. Igor Yakovenko
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Dalhousie University
Project: Screening, self-management and referral to treatment for young cannabis users: fulfilling an unmet need

Dr. Jamileh Yousefi
Assistant Professor, Business Analytics, Cape Breton University
Project: An Explainable Machine Learning to Dissect Geographical Disparities in Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates in Canada