Culture and Perspectives on Sexual Assault Policy

Culture and Perspectives on Sexual Assault Policy (CAPSAP) is a 4-phase study that was conducted at 4 universities in Nova Scotia: Mount Saint Vincent University, Cape Breton University, Saint Mary’s University, and Dalhousie University. The research project aimed to gather diverse student perspectives on university sexual assault or sexual violence policies (SV/SA policies). The principal objective has been to provide information that can support university administrators and service providers in providing sexual assault services and responses that fit the needs and perspectives of their culturally diverse student populations.

The information provided via the CAPSAP website,, is intended to:

  • support people (the characteristics and qualities participants see as helpful for responding to sexual violence)
  • educate and build awareness (the strategies participants suggested for raising awareness among students)
  • suggest policy considerations (elements that should be included in policy or highlighted on educational materials and during information sessions)
  • provide virtual communication tools to facilitate education about sexual violence and sexual violence/assault policies, or that would facilitate disclosure
  • present administrative considerations (relating to the development, application, and review of SV/SA policies).

The website also contains a variety of tools to help realize the recommendations the research team has put forward.

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