Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging Launches First Research Project

The Centre of Excellence for Healthy Agency (CEHA) at Cape Breton University has launched its first research project. CEHA is serving as the Atlantic node of the CAN THUMBS-UP, a clinical research trial sponsored by the Canadian Collaboration on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA). THUMBS-UP is part of an international trial looking at community-based interventions to prevent the onset of dementia.

CEHA has opened a home base in the new CBU complex in downtown Sydney, has hired a project manager and support staff, and has enrolled the first cohort for the trial, which will start later this fall.
The Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging was created in 2021 by Research Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness and Nova Scotia Health to mark Dr. Ken Rockwood’s receipt of the Ryman Prize, which is given annually for the “world’s best discovery, development, advance or achievement that enhances quality of life for older people”. Dr. Rockwood serves as an advisor to CEHA.

To learn more visit https://www.cbu.ca/research/healthyaging/