Research Nova Scotia and CANSSI Atlantic offering up to $400,000 toward climate change research. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Research Nova Scotia and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) Atlantic have launched the Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration (ACRC) to fund research that will tackle complex data-focused problems related to climate change and its impacts on coastal communities. Applications are now open.  

ACRC will leverage local expertise by bringing together research, industry, and community to address and mitigate the threats of climate change to Atlantic Canadians.  

“CANSSI supports collaborative, data-intensive research initiatives demanding innovative statistical sciences to maximize positive outcomes,” says Joanna Mills Flemming, professor at Dalhousie University and Regional Director of CANSSI Atlantic. “Climate change has social, economic, and environmental impacts and there is a pressing need for action in research, assessment, and planning. This takes researchers in statistical sciences working together with non-academic partners.” 

The goal of ACRC is to contribute measurably to the improvement of human life in coastal communities. The program will support the development of new statistical sciences methodology and models and/or the application of existing statistical sciences methods and models in innovative ways. 

The co-sponsors are offering up to $400,000 in funds over two years, across three intake periods annually. CANSSI Atlantic will oversee the program and Research Nova Scotia will manage the applications.  

“Last week, the Province of Nova Scotia released a climate risk assessment. It highlights many knowledge gaps – many of which depend critically on advances in statistical sciences. This program mobilizes researchers to work with community partners to identify and address topics of concern,” says Stefan Leslie, CEO of Research Nova Scotia.  

“This new partnership with CANSSI Atlantic will help inspire change and produce outcomes that can prepare Atlantic Canada for climate change and improve the lives of communities.” 

Applications for the first intake open on December 13, 2022, and close on February 10, 2023. For more information or to apply visit  

“CANSSI National is supporting this program because it has important ramifications for Atlantic Coastal communities but also because we hope to use this initiative as a model for our other Regional Centres,” says Don Estep, Canada Research Chair at Simon Fraser University and Scientific Director of CANSSI National.  


About CANSSI Atlantic 
As a regional centre of CANSSI national, CANSSI Atlantic is focused on supporting data-intensive research and strengthening the network of statistical scientists in the Atlantic region and across Canada. It is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science (with support from the Faculty of Computer Science) at Dalhousie University.  

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