Bringing Focus to Forestry Research

Research Nova Scotia, in partnership with the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust, has developed a research agenda to bring greater focus to the role research can play in the forestry sector’s transition to a sustainable future.

The project emerged from a shared interest in ensuring research funded by the Province of Nova Scotia was salient, high quality and useful. With the support of FITT, we convened a project team to identify the knowledge gaps and opportunities facing the forestry sector as it adapts to a changing climate and transitions for the future. From April to October 2021, we consulted with the sector, reviewed best practices from around the world, and identified research strengths in Nova Scotia.

The result is Bringing Focus to Forestry Research. The agenda identifies the concerns, considerations and emerging prospects in Nova Scotia’s forests and those who make use of them, whether for production, conservation, management or enjoyment.

Where do we go from here?

Following the December 2021 release of the report, RNS is developing research programs and partnerships to implement the research agenda, focusing on the opportunities with the greatest potential for the sector’s transition to ecological forestry, and for Nova Scotia’s forests. Check back soon for ways to get involved.

We welcome your thoughts. Please contact us with your ideas for research, partnerships and collaboration opportunities.