FAQ: Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition. If your question is not here, please contact info@researchns.ca.

1. Q: Is proof of affiliation required for all team members? 

A: Just the Principal Investigator.

2. Q: Can funding be used for training services and/or outreach?

A: No.  The funding is to support rapid response research.

3. Q: What is the timeline for spending the money? 

A: March 31, 2021, with extensions considered if requested by the researcher if required.

4. Q: Is there a limit to the number of collaborators we can include? 

A: No limit as long as they are genuinely connected to the project.

5. Q: The font that comes up automatically in the boxes is quite small. Is it ok to use 11 or 12 point font?  

A: Yes.

6. Q: What happens if the applicant doesn’t have access to a scanner or doesn’t have an electronic signature? 

A: Where a signature is not possible, enter the name and advise in the cover email to the application.

7. Q: Are adjunct and part-time researchers at a university eligible to apply? 

A: If a university-based applicant is eligible to receive tri-council funding, they are eligible for this opportunity. All others can be collaborators.

8. Q: Are individuals with limited term appointments eligible to apply? 

A: Yes, but the term must extend to at least 31 March 2021 and commit to completing all project deliverables. Applicants with a limited term appointment must clearly indicate the end date of their appointment.

9. Q: What proof of affiliation is required? 

A: Applications require a note from the home institutions confirming status. This enables us to confirm affiliation at the point of application, and ensures that the institution is aware of an application submitted by one of its researchers.

This confirmation of status can be either within the application itself (a note specific to that researcher written from the administration of the institution), or the institution can send a separate email to the application address saying that all the applications (naming the applicants) that are eligible due to their affiliation.

Should additional confirmation be required – such as proof of affiliation, ability to work safely while public health measures are in place, etc. – they will be handled as a follow-up once the award decision is made but before funds are transferred.

10. Q: What is the assessment criteria being used for the grant by the peer review committee? 

A: The application was developed to ensure information relevant to the assessment is provided.

11. Q: What type of CCV is required for team members? 

A: The CIHR Biosketch is strongly encouraged for the PI and co-PI but other formats with abridged information will be accepted.  CIHR registration CVs for other team members are encouraged.  In addition, if any team members do not have an academic appointment, provide an up to date CV.

12. Q: Is sex and gender analysis required within these page limits? 

A: No.

13. Q: Are early career researchers eligible to apply? 

A: Yes.

14. Q: What is the page limit for references?

A: Part 2 says that ‘References or figures will not be included in the page limitation’. Figures and references must be within the body of the application but do not count towards the space limitation.

15. Q: Are additional attachments with supporting data allowable?

A: The guidelines say: “Additional attachments to the application are only permitted for budget quotes. All figures and references must remain within the body of the application template.” All references and figures must be within the application itself (but as per #14, are not included within the page limit). Budgetary items that require a quote can be appended as an attachment to the application.

16. Q: Are quotes required for all purchases?

A: Quotes are welcome for all listed purchases or services, but are required for amounts $10,000 or over.

17. Q: How are scientific and potential impact weighted in the proposal evaluation?

A: The scoring scheme is not being released.

18. Q: What percentage of funds can be spent outside of Nova Scotia?

A: There are no funding restrictions based on location. Collaborations with researchers from outside Nova Scotia are encouraged.

19. Q: Can a PI apply for more than one grant?

A: Yes.

20. Q: Are CVs included as attachments?

A: Yes, CVs and budget quotes are attachments, but the application must be a single PDF with all materials included.