Mobilizing Research That Makes A Difference: Our Three-Year operating plan

After Research Nova Scotia was created to support research in service of provincial needs, in 2020 we launched our research strategy with a missions framework that focuses on outcomes, not outputs, seeking research that makes a difference to Nova Scotia’s economy, environment, healthcare systems, and society. Our missions framework starts with what we want to accomplish, and builds the resources, teams, and projects that will get us there.

Three years after our strategy was launched into the world, we’re focusing on the road ahead. Our three-year operating plan lays out our ambitions for 2023-2026, outlining the activities, initiatives and approaches that will implement our strategy.

This plan gives significant focus to intentional research and our support for missions-based research that will achieve the outcomes Nova Scotia needs. To fulfill our organization’s mandate, RNS will work with researchers and partners to convene and fund research in key missions, taking a proactive and intentional approach to funding. We will use creative mechanisms, partnerships, and new ideas to find research with the greatest potential.

While this differs from how many research funding organizations operate, this will mobilize research in service of Nova Scotians and the challenges we face. We believe that there is value in the full research spectrum: from discovery through to applied and R&D, research has the power to change Nova Scotia for the better. Our goal is to help get us there.

Nova Scotia has a strong and growing research sector, with particular strengths in areas like clean tech, oceans, agriculture, vaccinology, and healthcare systems. There is a lot to be excited about, and we look forward to working with our partners, researchers, communities and governments to realize our potential as a province. We invite you to review the three-year operating plan, and to get in touch with us.